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Uruguay is a very well organized country for the quality of its wing shooting.  In fact, many foreign hunters that visit this country every year can confirm that it is an excellent destiny in the world for game bird shooting.

The different species of birds that are allowed to hunt, and the high population of each one of them, is the main reason why so many people choose to come to Uruguay.

A combination of possibilities can be considered when organizing the hunting schedule, programs can start early in the morning with duck shooting, continuing later with partridge after pointing dogs or pigeon helped with decoys, or simply go after high volume dove shooting. 

Dove (Eared Dove) and Pigeon (Columba Picazuro)

Dove and Pigeon season lasts all year, and there is no restrictions about the number of birds that can shot.   The hunting takes place from movable blinds, positioned in strategic spots under the flyways the birds use.  This usually happens early in the mornings, moment of the day when the birds go out seeking for crop, and in the evenings when they fly back to their roosts.  Between 500 and 1000 cartridges can be used between a morning and an evening hunting journey, exceeding any hunter’s expectation. 


In Uruguay, many species of ducks can be found, they are :

Rosy-Billed Pochard (Netta Peposaca)

Brazilian Duck (Amazonetta Brasileinsis)

Brown-Pintail (Netta Georgica)

Speckled Teal (Anas Flavirostris)

White-faced Whistling- duck (Dendrocygna  Viduata)

Ringed Tail (Callonetta Leucophrys)

Duck season begins 1st of May, lasting until 15th September.  In this case, the amount  of birds that can be hunted is regulated and varies depending on the species shot.

Duck hunting is always organized for the first lights of the day and the falling of the night, definitely the best moment for this purpose.


Season runs from 1st of May until 31st July, the shortest of all and there are regulations about the numbers.  Partridge hunting is done  after pointing dogs, walking with them searching for the scent the Partridge leaves on the ground, usually against the wind. Shooting happens when the partridge takes its flight, after the dog pointed it for the hunting to get ready.

The most appropriate time of the day for this hunting is middle of the morning, after duck shooting for example, and during the first half of the afternoon as well.


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