Location Uruguay

Location Uruguay

The Republic of Uruguay, with a total area of 176.000 square kilometers, is located on the southeast of South America, next to Brazil and Argentina.

Map of UruguayFor Europeans to have an idea about the size, this country is only 1/3 of France or as big as Holland/Belgium/ Luxemburg and Switzerland together.  There are only 3,5 million people living in this beautiful country.

Its climate, quite pleasant all year through, can be well defined into four different seasons:
Summer (from December 21” to march 20”),  autumn (from March 21” to June 20”), winter (from June 21” to September 20”), and spring (from September 21” to December 20”).

The average temperature during the summer months is around 30° Celsius, and it drops down to an average of 6° Celsius during wintertime. There are no significant changes in temperature throughout the day, or during the night hours.  As far as climate is concerned, the better months are February, March, April, May, September, October and November, when the average temperatures range from 20 to 25° Celsius and days are mainly sunny (not to hot, not to cold).

Uruguay offers an outstanding degree of security for visitors, a fact that must be mentioned as one of its most remarkable advantages.  Its characteristic friendly people are used to having visitors from abroad, something for which they are profoundly grateful.  Lack of security is graded among the lowest in the world.  It is a place where anyone can transit freely, even tourists, at any time of day and through any areas in the city.

Uruguay is a stable country with a solid modern government.  To express the safety of the country, it is called the Switzerland of South-America by its neighbour countries.


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