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Thanks to the house owners, for such a great stay. We would be glad to receive you whenever you wish.
Carlos Bar Burn, Paysandú

Is a privileged place! The attention super, and very familiar. There are words no to be thankful to you. We’ll be back!
Miryan Beneventano

Dear Henrique, thanks for your hospitality, for sure we will often return.
Hug, Lamberto, Duda, Dante

Henrique and Juan
We are very thankful for having invited and provided us such a magnificent weekend, as always you know how to receive people like anybody.
Thanks, Dante, Duda and Lamberto

Henrique and Juan
Thank you very much for this one… we hope to have many huntings like this.

Dear Henrique and Juan!
I know that what you provided to us in this weekend is sample of what you will offer to us in the next hunt, we will already book immediately.
Congratulations to you and all the team.

Henrique and team
The Nazarenas is one of the best hunting lodges of the world. A magnificent attention.
Hunting of the best ones. You are hidalgos.

I am thankful to another of the excellent hunts provided by our friend Enrique.
I hope that other hunters can enjoy the same.

Patricia of Paysandú
It is the second time that we come, the truth is that it’s a beautiful place. The peace that floods the soul, the service is first class and the people who attend are wonderful. We always go away with desire to return.
Marcelo, Patty and Poli

Thank you very much for everything. I like the food and the hunting. Good luck.
Hopefully to see you soon!

The  27.07.2005 we finished a stay of 10 days in the wonderful facilities of Rincon de los Matreros Hunting Lodge. I was with my english “pointer” called Rocco, where we were in an intense Cinegetic activity, after partridges and hares. Also a male wild boar of more or less 120 kg was hunted. A team work , with patience, in Full Moon, with approach of the animal by 5 consecutive days, until having the condition for lowering it with the weapon of Mr. Lorenzo, a Mauser  98, 9.3 caliber and the Smith and Bender.
I also thank Mr. Henrique for the hospitality and comradeship. To Laurindo by the attention and massage applied on Rocco. To his wife Laura by the affectionate kitchen and attention. To Ilda for the attention with the services of room and laundry, to Sergio by the excellent service to slaughter the wild boar, together with Laurindo.
To all my special gratefulness.
José Carlos Nogueira Bragletta.

To the friends laurindo, Lorenzo and Henrique;
They were gorgeous days that we spent hunting, chatting and enjoying the excellent company of our new friends.
Hugs and congratulations!
Alex, Leo
PS.: Don’t forget the nets for next time!

I was just for one day only, I perceived the first property of hunting where the owner likes hunting more than the gustes. Without doubts a great support and emotion. Thanks to all.
Paulo R. Fedrizzi/Março 2006.

We were impressed with the beauty of the site, excellent hospitality and we had the happiness to hunt trophies of great quality: Red deers, Fallow deer and Mouflon.
Congratulations for the initiative and event…
… And until soon!

I liked the trip very much. I made many friends, specially the small one, a horse.
Hugs. Fernando Schwarzenbeck, 9 años de Campinas, Brasil.

Thank you very much for the stay and for the affection of all of you. It was my first hunt and I liked it very much. Thanks to all, hug.
Paulo. Campinas-SP-Brasil.

If something good exists in life that money does not solve, here in Rincon de los Matreros I found, I can say it and register it. I go away sad, because the reception, the hunting, the kitchen, the attention, was all very professional. I leave my gratefulness and I promise that in the next visit, I will return with my grandson Matheus.
Gracias Nilton Feijó.

If something good exists in life, this stay is one of them. For me it was a great opportunity to obtain trophies, one of them was a wild boar with 22 cm of tusk, the greatest hunted until today, thanks to the team that accompanied me in this experience. Thanks for the hospitality.
07 of September, 2006
….Dario Andre Mazzachini

Isla Patrulla,
After hunting in Rincon de los Matreros, I reached the conclusion that our Uruguayan brothers took much in taking the initiative to create a big game hunting lodge, but that when they did it, they did it very well. Congratulations to Henrique and  to all the team for  the affection, joy and professionalism.
Surely I will return many times.
Lucio Flávio S. Peace

The 02.11.06 I arrived at Rincon de los Matreros, my friend Carlos de Alencastro Guimaraes was the one that brought to me, to know the  hunting lodge. It is important to say that I am not a hunter. I came to chat with my friends. Arriving, two things called the attention to me. First, the gorgeous cinematographic landscape, and second,  the way  I was received by Henrique, Laurindo, Augustín and the likeable and elegant Laura.
They all had a lot of patience to teach to me how to shoot. At dusk  they took me to the blind. After awhile while I was thinking in life, a male appears, five females and two young ones.
Do you want to shoot? , asked Guima and Henrique to me. I didn’t even think about it, I pointed and  a detonation was heard and the male wild boar fell dead. I was applauded, saluted. I felt at that time, acceptance by the club of hunters. These three days were an unforgettable life experience. On the following day joked on me saying  it was only first time luck. Again Guima asked, you want to shoot an ostridge? A shot more and a dead tiny beast more. Desire that this one is first of other visits. Hugs to all which were already around here and to the ones that will come.
Milton Commazzeto

It was by my friend Vitor Nora which I knew Rincon de los Matreros, where I could enjoy a good hunting with my friends Dante, João, Laurindo and Henrique, in addition, of my father of course. This is why I can come once every year. I could hunt an animal of each species that was in the hunting area, that is, a very successful hunt!
A great hug to all 25.03.07- José Eduardo E. de Moraes

Moments like this, with friends, make this, our sport, a very special event. We spent wonderful days and had the chance to enjoy special and exciting hunts.
Wonderful. Great hug.
Dante Carraro

Great weekend , a singular experience, with an impeccable company of friends!
Congratulations for the quality of the hospitality, to all the team of aids, hoping to return with more joy, c fifth of Cotto
José Amorin de Souza.

Rincon de los Matreros, 1 of May 2007.
In almost full moon… 11hrs
Tired eyelids…
A single male enters
_ What is Laurindo?
_ “Male”   it is, but I do not see the tusks!
I thought: Good, tomorrow we are leaving, then… fire! And I hunted the greater boar of my life.
Carlinhos said: another like this, not even in 100 years.
Oh God!
Meanwhile, Carlinhos with Eduardo were grabbing with nails and knives Lucio’s wild boar…….
Great night!  Great hunting!
Hug. Jose Brugger

Unforgettable hunt with my greater wild boar and my first feral goat.
Thanks to all the friends and los Matreros team.
Eduardo V. de A. Guimaraes, 01 of 2007.

From july 27 to 29, 2007.
Alexandre Fasoli, Fernando Comunello, Eduardo Guimarães and Alexandre Oltramazi
Were here together, in an impeccable stay. We leave registered the satisfaction and joy with which we were welcomed. Besides, we were awarded with a magnificent wild boar: (27 cm of tusk) hunted by Alexandre Oltramazi; and two “professional” goats hunted by Fernando Comunello and Alexandre Fasoli.
Finally, a deep gratefulness to Guima and all the friends who we left here, remains.
Obs.: Another wild boar, hunted by Alexandre Fasoli.
Until the next one!

To say that the property is wonderful, is to be humble to speak about this place.
In addition to being a very cosy place, the human heat and the hospitality of the people who work here, like Mrs. Laura and Mr. Morais really makes the difference and means why one wants to return.
About the hunt, few words can qualify the happy 4 days that I spent here. Spectacular! An emotion mixture, to speak of emotion to kill the first wild boar, it’s not easy to explain, who had already kill this species knows about this pleasure. But having killed a wild boar for the first time, meant much more after hunting the second and third one. That’s right, for the first time, three boars !
I’ve been in one of the prettiest places I know, I spent some of the best moments here.
I want to leave recorded my gratefulness to my friend “Jucelito Tubella” whom made possible this pleasure to me, also thank  my dear Victor and his very funy wife her companion and by all means to Mrs. Marcia to have taught to Tubella to be as he is. Thanks to those 4 people for the force and the pleasure that I felt.
4 sensational days !.

20.02.08 Rincon de los Matreros
Very pretty property with an enormous amount of animals for hunt.
Very good and comfortable facilities, also very good service with first class food.
The attention to the guests, hunters also is excellent.
To the friends, Victor, Carlos and Enrique, I appreciate the excellent attention.

Fantastic experience is the hunting at Rincon de los Matreros. Completes all the requirements for a great hunting: very good animals, perfect stay, excellent food and perfect attention of all the staff. Congratulations Vitor, Carlinhos, Henrique and his “Staff”. I leave my better trophy, a great wild boar of 103 kilos with 26.20 cm of tusk as gratefulness.

Rincon de los Matreros, 11.07.08 to 15.07.08
Today, 15.07.08, I have the immense pleassure to register the moments that we enjoyed with my friends advised by Vitor and all the “staff”  with moments that I will not be able to forget. Everything was special.
The arms were well-taken care, in an extremely professional way. The calibers defined with wisdom for each animal as the plan of hunting of the day. All the hotel service was first quality. The food is already missed.
I go away already missing the unforgettable opportunity of , the first same day, having killed such a great wild boar, a surprise for all. The second day I killed a fallow deer  and the third day a mouflon. Animals by me never killed.
I go away with a safe feeling that a return the next year, is a concrete fact.
My congratulations to all the group of Rincon de los Matreros.
My affectionate hug to all the friends

I would like to leave registered the pleasure to have spent 4 wonderful days in my “Debut” for big game hunting. Surely I will return very often.
A hug to all
Carlos Facon

Rincon de los Matreros
After 10 years of obligatory shutdown in my cinegetic activities, by insistence of the mutual friends,  I return, and for my luck in a wonderful place like this one.
I hope to have the opportunity to return more often.

Friends of Rincon de los Matreros
The life is done of small and unforgettable moments, that in this Rinon were one of these. And each person in this place insists to the maximum so that these small moments are the most pleasant as possible.
We can just say “thank you very much”.
Giovanni Pacheco
Carlo Z.
Guilherme G. de Oliveira

Rincon de los Matreros.
A beautiful place to enjoy with all the family. Very good weekend with special attention of all the “staff”
Beautiful animals and great hunting.
Carlo Morandi.
Julio Morandi.
Felipe Morandi.

Thank you very much Laurindo and Vitor.
We hunted a wild boar of 150Kg and 22 cm of trophy
On the following day, we hunted a beautiful trophy of feral goat.
Friendly atmosphere, excellent food and first class organization.
Be sure I will return. Perhaps already the next year…
Mit Weidsmannsheil.
Gicallino Rocco Aloise.

After three days of fierce hunting, facing wild boars…, we arrived to our last day. With much bravery we demolished the most frightful animals…
LIE! I remained eating and drinking with an impeccable quality service here, while my brother was hunting.
Thanks to all to do of this weekend an of unforgettable one. We will return.
Hugs to the friends of Rincon de los Matreros.
Giovanni R. Aloise – 29.09.08
POA- Brasil.



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