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S 32º 58' 51,71'' W 54º 31' 32,65'' 

Isla Patrulla is located in the heart of the department of Treinta y Tres, the site is known as “Asperezas del Yerbal” because of the Yerbal river that passes across the area. The place is full of hills with countless water courses and natural forests covered with a beautiful indigenous vegetation.

There are 2 different stories that explain the name :
There is a legend that says that in the village, there was a beautiful natural valley with an island of authentic trees. There lived the last couple of Indians. The man died and his wife was left all alone.
They had no children .

She was wild and furious. The young people of the village wanted to visit her, to fight her, but she defended her territorium in a rather strong way. They called her Patrulla (patrol) because she defended the area on her own. So when she died, they called the place “Isla Patrulla” after her.

A second story is that the “isla” was a natural wood, where the army patrol hid themselves to surprise outlaws, who lived and robbed between the valleys the Yerbal and the Yatay.
And because there was no other village in de near distance they gave it the name “Isla Patrulla”.



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