There are differten specis of ducks:

The Rosy-Billed Pachard , pato de collar:

Size: 28 cm

Description: The upper side of the head and the back of the neck are black, the rest of the head is grey . The chest is slightly pink . It has different colors over the rest of its rump. Grey beak

Habitat: Rivers, lagunas, rizefields (Treinta y Tres, Cerro Largo and Rochas)

The Brazilian Duck, pato Brasilereo

Size: 35 cm

Description: Different colors, from brown to grey and blue or green metalic. The Beak of the male is red of the female is grey.

The Brown pintail , Pato Barcino

Size: 33 cm

Description: the head is darker then the body. It has different shades of black, brown and green.

The Speckled Teal, Pato Capuchino

Size: 31 cm

Description: There is not a big difference between male and female.

The White-faced wistling Duck , Patto cara blanca

Size: 38 cm

Description: white face and neck. The top of the head and back of the neck are black and the body all shades of brown. The beak is black.

The Ringed Teal, Pato Picazo

Size: 43 cm

Descritpion: head, neck and back of head and neck are black. The beak is red.



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