Description: (Salminus maxillosus) The fish commonly known as "golden" in South America, is one of the most common and popular system of the Rio de la Plata. In general appearance, the representatives of the genus Salminus Salmon resemble presenting the body, elongated, laterally compressed throughout its length. Head well developed, especially their large jaws, teeth of robust horns, and the amplitude of the gill slits.

Relatively small eyes, willing forward and upward. Body covered with small scales. Color: yellow, orange, deep in the cap, the golden flanks and belly silvery. Lemon orange fins with carmine tone on the margin, the flow has a black stain on the base that extends in a belt to the caudal end of the media. All this creates a fish striking appearance, along with its slender lines typical great swimmer.

Size: up to 77 cm. Achieve great weight, citing examples that raised more than 25 kg.

Life-span: can reach 14 years

Food: fish butcher par excellence, great predator, with older shad attacks, mainly bream, which is their favorite food.

Behavior: It lives the strong currents that form on stony shoals mouths of tributaries, where his superior muscle allows you to maneuver more easily than their prey, usually other fish, and attack when he is helpless in the current.

Reproduction: Several males follow each female, courting, courtship ritual in the specimens is known by the jump out of the water. Fertilization is external, up to 200,000 eggs deposited all together. They do not care of deposited eggs. Sexual maturity is reached in the second year for males and one for females, immature specimens feed on protists and then crustaceans and insects. 



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